Tips on Buying the Right Hair Extensions

Hair extensions provide the perfect complement for natural hair, but the trick lies in buying the right kind and texture. You often mustdecide between the volume, length, thickness, and quality. The color, texture, price, and style also say a lot about you. Whatever you do, you can ensure you have the perfect blend that personifies your look by following the following tips…

Which Do You Prefer, Natural or Synthetic?

Knowing what you want and what suits your need and style is the first step. You can’t bump into hairstylists and have them pick for you. While opinions are great, you should understand the basics of the one you choose. Human extensions have the quality of being natural and can easily blend with your locks. As such, they can be styled, blow-dried and curled with hot irons. Synthetic extensions can stand a degree of heat but can’t withstand other treatments and styling efforts. Both serve their purpose, but most would put their money on a natural extension.

Examine the Thickness

When shopping for the right hair extension, make sure it has the same thickness all through. That’s because most hair extensions have the distinction of being sporadically thick with many gaps in between hairs. With much spaces or uneven thickness from top to bottom, the quality is called into question. One trick you can use is holding the extension up against the light. If you notice many spaces, you haven’t found the right hair extension.

Picking the Right Color

Hair extensions with the right color help you mask your natural hair. It keeps everything well blended and uniform. But the wrong hair color immediately makes it obvious you’re wearing one. Also, with so many color types, you’d be hard pressed to find one that suits you. No matter how long it takes, make sure you pick the perfect shade to match your hair.


With texture, you don’t want to be like the kid in a candy store picking everything. Decide which works for you from the wavy, curly or straight textures. If the extension doesn’t match the texture of your hair, you’d spend a lot of time adjusting to it. Make sure you pick the right one especially if it’ll prove difficult to replace them.

Quality Extensions Won’t Shed

Many ladies are at a loss for words a few weeks after buying a hair extension. That’s because it starts to shed and lose volume in the process. Also, they think it’s a ‘normal’ feature of such extensions to shed but the fact is, no amount of styling or wearing should shed them. That’s the hallmark of the right hair extension. When out to buy one, use your hand like a human comb and run through the extension. Did many strands fall off? Don’t buy it!


If you come across a hair extension with unequal length, drop it fast. The right one will have the same length, with each weft having the same measurements. Further, you should pick extensions that go well with the length of your natural hair. Again, the right extensions are always even in length unless they are cut into layers for that purpose.

In conclusion, quality is the watchword when it comes to hair extensions. We at Self Glamour has that in spades. This is reflected in the wide variety of choices you can select from to enhance your look and appeal.