Tips on Shopping for The Right Lashes

Fake lashes are amazing, they instantly improve your makeup to a remarkable level so if you want to shop for fake lashes, be ready to get glammed up. Shopping for fake lashes can get overwhelming if you don’t know what to get, you have different types of lashes popping up everywhere, but not to worry this article will help you pick out the best one. We are going to run through some expert tips on shopping for the right lashes, tips that makeup artists stick to, at the end of it, you should be ready to order your own pair of falsies.

Tips on shopping for the right lashes

  • Let your own natural lashes be your guide: If what you want is to enhance your natural looks and make your eyes pop, then it only makes sense that you follow what is already there naturally. Study your lash pattern and go with lashes that look like that. For instance, if you have sparse long lashes, you should go for falsies with more length than volume and if you have a lot of short lash hairs, you should go for full lashes that short and average lash length. This tip works if what you want is a natural look rather than dramatic looks.
  • Natural or synthetic? When it comes to lashes, you must decide between natural and synthetic lashes and the choice is usually guided by the look you are going for. Natural lashes fit perfectly when you are going for a subtler enhancement, the strands are thinner and with the right application can easily pass as your real lashes. Synthetic lashes, on the other hand, bring more drama to your look, the lash strands are thicker and often darker, hence when applied, they appear fuller and sort of retro. Natural hair lashes fit into everyday looks while synthetic lashes are more suited to occasional and celebratory looks.
  • Keep your eye shape in mind; If you are shopping for individual lashes, considering eye shape comes much later during application of the lashes, all you need to do is purchase varying lash length. If you are buying strip lashes, you need to consider your eye shape right from the start. Deep set eyes look better with lashes that are longer in the middle, hooded eyes, hooded eyes should opt for shorter lashes and down-turned eyes should go for lashes with longer strands at the edge, etc.
  • Expert or novice? Let’s think about the future a little, you are going to be installing the lashes so you need to go for one that will suit your application method. If you are an expert, any lash type will be great especially individuals, if you are a novice, you may want to opt for strip or magnetic lashes and get good with that before going for individuals.

With these four tips, you are prepared to order the perfect lashes when you go shopping. Pay attention to your eyes, what look you are going for and don’t be shy to ask questions. Whatever lash you buy, how you apply it can make all the difference. Make sure you have the right tools and good quality glue and remember that experience matters.  So,buysome lashes from Self Glamour and change your everyday look to your everyday Glam look.